Sunday, 8 November 2009


Oh to crawl inside the internet and hang out with likeminded people only, or start a commune in the French wine region (Loire) for a select group of friends.

I don't like many people these days. As much as I fight for freedom from political tyranny, I do hope they get what's coming to them.

They know who they are.

Summer's gone

Not just the season. Summer, my stripper/movie star with a scary past coming back to haunt her, had to go. The novel was getting far too long, and even though I've edited like crazy, there was no other way to cull 40 000 words. I decided to remove the least important character, i.e. the one least relevant to Luna and Wolf's journey, which involved some annoying rewriting, but made more sense.

Also, Summer has some exciting encounters and storylines of her own, so I figured I'd give her more attention in my second novel. Stay tuned for news. Ha, like I'm ever going to finish this one.

Ilyria Moon. Eternal pessimist.